TAC member Ralph with his gift from artist Matthew Ritchie in Ritchie’s NYC studio


Check out photos from the Teen Arts Council and Matthew Ritchie Project’s trip to NYC over spring vacation week. We met the Whitney teens, visited Matthew Ritchie’s studio, toured New York + the MoMA with Mr. Ritchie himself. See the full album on our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/icateens

NEXT FRIDAY, May 9th: Come out to support our Fast Forward students - see their films, screened at the ICA. FREE.


The Teen Arts Councl’s Co-Educator this year is Boston artist Daniel Callahan. Daniel walked the TAC through his work’s history and process, a ritualistic face-masking practice in which he uses his own face as his canvas. A “MassQ,” as Daniel calls his works, is a new “mask” that does not conceal one’s identity, but rather, embodies it. After first learning to diagram the human face and incorporate an introspective mirror-gazing exercise into the brainstorm process, the TAC brought their designs (pictured above) to life on their own faces. Look out for the big reveal of TAC’s MassQ Group Portrait for 2014!

Below, TAC member Aric Oak reflects on the our recent Matthew Ritchie-packed weekend, which involved special hacky-sack-throwing and flash light-rolling duties in TWO Matthew Ritchie Performances & an intensive Matthew Ritchie Project meeting!

Performance - Saturday, March 29 

We showed up early to get in some rehearsal time and talk a bit with Matthew. When he told us what we would be doing during the performance, everyone was a little nervous including the musicians. Matthew told us he wanted us to roll Flashlights onto the performance space, which seemed easy enough, and when the lights hit the ground it had a powerful effect. We accomplished this task successfully and led the entire crowd in a rainy procession to the next part of the performance in the chapel. It all went very well and then we got to do it all over again but just a little better.

Workshop – Sunday, March 30th

The next day, bright and early, we dove into the Matthew Ritchie Project. I was very excited to see what Matthew thought of our idea to shoot four different movies each starting the same, and having the same characters. But before we could talk about that, we all felt the need to give him our feedback on the performance from the previous night. Onochie had some spot-on observations and speculations on the performance, whilst my only notable remark was noticing the eye of sauron inside the Hawaiian Earring (which according to Wikipedia, and Matthew Ritchie, is the topological space defined by the union of circles in the Euclidean plane R2 with center (1/n, 0) and radius 1/n for n = 1, 2, 3, …. The space H is homeomorphic to the one-point compactification of the union of a countably infinite family of open intervals) . After we talked it up about all these ideas and the possible project outcome, we stopped for a lunch of delicious sandwiches. We ended the day by playing with Matthew’s interactive sound installation, and Ralph’s performance of a spoken word piece he created in response to the work.

(by TAC Member Aric Oak)



Congrats Class of 2014! You’re almost there… Check out this mini video of the Teen Arts Council’s Senior photo shoot for the ICA’s magazine!

photo credit: Kyle Carrier

Last Week: The TAC experienced two installations now on view at the ICA, Nathalie Djurberg + Hans Berg’s A World of Glass and William Kentridge’s The Refusal of Time.

Just a casual ICA Teens selfie with Swedish artist/composer duo Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg last week!

The TAC got to meet up with the artists & chat about the pair’s show, Nathalie Djurberg + Hans Berg: A World of Glass, which opened at the ICA yesterday. The installation, made up of 193 polyurethane sculptures and 4 video projections, explores complexities of the human condition, from the sweet to the sinister.

At their meeting this week, the Teen Arts Council tried out the new Art Lab activity BODY WORKS - basically, a giant interactive Nick Cave coloring book! Check out some TACees’ Cave-esque creations… 

Monday February 17, 2014

More interesting than most days I knew this day was going to be special, I had an important project to attend to. During the Matthew Ritchie Project today we got a good chance to look through some cards, not just any cards the photos we have been taking the past few weeks in card form, and also some tarot cards. We started to organize the cards using a system which included Time, People and Society, Things, and the Unknown. After Applying this system we applied another system of allowing everyone to explain why they placed there thing where and if it should be moved, we also added hand drawn pictures from one of the first MRP meetings. Then after a cookie break we added a third system including tarot cards, which wasn’t only placing the tarot cards where we thought they belonged, but also  paring them with photos  we thought matched someone in the class. We also took a lot of pictures some even with Matthew’s recent installments. We even had a photographer from the New York Times. It seems that with this most recent class with Matthew we have a direction in which we are leaning towards Project wise.